MONAROO, LLC - Monaro by the late Alyn Marland
"Recently I had the good fortune to read the book
 "Monaro" by Alyn Marland.  Once I started to read
"Monaro" I could not put it down until I finished the
whole book.  The story tells of a typical Australian family
 in the early 1900s until the 1970s.  Travelling through
more than one generation we experience their highs and
their lows, making one feel they are taking the journey
with them.  Not a lot has been written about the typical
Australian family in this era and this book gives you an
insight into these times.  It is a very interesting book
and very well written.  I thoroughly recommend it."
Pam, WA, Australia
"Monaro by the late Alyn Marland is set in Australia
from the late Victorian era to the Vietnam War. 
The author has managed to describe a time in Australia's
history when life was hard and the enduring Australian
 spirit was everywhere to be seen.  The great Australian
"mateship" is prevalent throughout this story and this
"mateship" is what made Australia the great country
that it is today.
The author's knowledge of medicine and World historical
events is also prevalent throughout the book.
The descriptions of the Wakefield Family and their
struggles through tragedy and happier times is vivid
and all encompassing.
The antics of the young boy, Gerald, are quite simply
hilarious and makes you wonder if these were the
antics of the author himself when he was growing up
in Australia.
This novel is thoroughly enjoyable and extremely difficult
to put down once you start it.  I would recommend it to
 anyone who has an interest in historical fiction."
JM, Maitland, Australia
"Monaro by Alyn Marland - I belong to a serious book club
and I am currently encouraging our members to read this novel.
"What a wonderful narrative of an Australian family. 
A wealthy family to begin with - they go thru the trials
and tribulations and joy just like the rest of us."
Charlotte, Auburn, WA, USA
"Loved it!"  Would recommend this book to anyone - great read, believable characters, had a bit of a cry in places and a great laugh in others.  Gave me a great insight into Australian history.
Mark, Ashtonfield, Australia
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