MONAROO, LLC - Monaro by the late Alyn Marland
Monaroo, LLC  announces the release of the third edition of Monaro by the Late Alyn Marland.  ISBN: 9781453772232, Monaro is now available on and also available in kindle version.
Monaro chronicles the saga of an Australian family from the late Victorian era to the Vietnam War.  The story describes in exquisite detail the Family's hardships, their highs and their loves.
Written in a spellbinding manner the author has managed to capture the very essence of the Australian spirit.
Alyn Marland was born in Victoria, Australia in 1917 and died in NSW, Australia in 1995, two years after he had completed this historical work.  Alyn grew up during the Great Depression and served in both the Australian Army and in the Royal Australian Airforce during WWII as a pilot officer.
Shawn and Katharine Carr now take great pleasure in making Monaro available for everyone to enjoy not just as a good novel but also as an educational experience.
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